Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A bad Day for a Bad Girl

I woke up feeling so crappy this morning, I thought it was my antibiotics until I came in my room and found my glass of tea full and last nights meds not taken. Since I can't double up on most of them I just took my morning dose and try to make it through the day.

But I have gotten the dishes done, 1 load in the washer and the edges of my roofs done with MP and Mica. I don't think she is going to send me the paper so I am just going to do it in Webster's Pages, since Ms. A's house is in browns.

I finished up the last bit of a 2 page LO yesterday and since Misty does not want me to do canvases of the boys for her, I'm going to do 8x10's and frame them for my room. I am in a scrappy mood today so I hope my roof's dry quickly so I can clear my space and start on something else!

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