Monday, February 23, 2009

Poor William Don't Read if you have just eaten or about to eat!!!

Poor William. He has been having a rough time since last Thursday with moving his bowels. Yesterday he said his stomach hurt. Misty took him to Urgent care this evening and he wound up being Impacted. So they gave him an enema and got rid of the major blockage. But he is sore and I did not get him hair washed and tomorrow is picture day. What a mess. I am just glad that he is going and I am thinking when was the last time he was with his dad, I know he leans on William hard, especially about that. Hopefully this will end his problem for a while.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How do I mess it up?

I am in the wrong, as usual, around here. W was supposed to fix his brakes before taking the boys cause they were gone. It is raining, so I told Misty that he should do it in the garage here and put the van on the street. I meant it in the nicest way.
Fast forward 1/2 hour and he calls Misty about the 100 dollar bill in the van. It is counterfeit, and I had it hidden until I could turn it over to the police. My point, It was hidden and why was he digging around in my stuff. Now everyone is mad at me, cause I made a fuss. Well next he walks in thru my room with all his dirty clothes and I said, 'you are doing laundry?' and said I had to get our stuff out of the washer, I had not started it yet. Well I guess I did not say it is a nice enough tone for him and he says never mind, I'll do it at a laundromat'.

So I am in the doghouse around here. You know I feel like I can not have anything personal around here, He especially, feels entitled. What is the saying ' what mine is mine and what's yours is mine too. Why do you think I hide this blog from Misty? I can't have a personal thought around here. I am just upset and forgive me for using this to vent. I want you to know I have no other outlet for my emotions. And I love you guys who comment.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday morning.

Ihad a great time visiting with Katie-bug yesterday. We need to get together. She brought me 2 totes full of scrappy stuff. Paper and stickers and other embellies. She said to use what I want and give the rest to the boys. And I get to keep the totes! What a special friend.
I will spend the rest of today and tomorrow running around do errands. I really want a day off. My day of bliss would be away from the house, kids, and Misty. to do nothing if I want, scrap, read of just rest.
I'm sorry for the same old song and dance, I am so tired.
Well put on a happy face and Fu#k it! I'll get enough rest when I'm dead.

My boys are being so good this morning, I have my laptop out in the livingroom, just hanging out; I am so glad they get along so well right now. I mean they get into spats but now they are like normal siblings. At least it is smooth sailing this morning, laundry going, dishes at a minimum, so I leave with a wish that everyone have a happy Weekend!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The easy parts over.

I had my ultrasound done this morning and now we play the waiting game. She, the tech, said I should hear from my doctor today or Monday. That does not sound good! but it is in God's hands now. I will keep up the Faith and just live my lfe. I hate that tech's can't tell you anything.

I made it home in time for Williams Patriot Program. It was so cute but Misty and I did have a problem with the color guard with guns, especially after they posted the flags, one guy did fancy manuvers with his rifle. I don't think little ones should be subject to this.
Well time to take Misty to work, talk more later.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I blew it!

I blew it big time with William, and know He is not going to have a good day. Let me back up, yesterday when we went to get Misty, he fell asleep in the car. Misty tried to wake him up but could not rouse him. So apparently he awoke at 10 PM and was up till 3:30. Needless to say he was not a happy camper this morning and complained of a sore throat which I couldnot find and no temp. We do things by timer around here. It helps him to transion from one thing to another. Well I put him in the car and came back to get sleeping Parker when all of a sudden he comes up to me with both fists and got me in the hips.

This is when I blew it! I told him I would not be his punching bag, so he told me to leave. and I said fine, I'd go! Of course he turned his tune around and said don't leave. And I refused to answer him. When I got him out of the van at school, he said he loved me and I said no you don't, cause if you loved me you wouldn't hit me! But I did tell him I loved him and I'll see you later.

What a bad surrogate mother I am. I feel so bad about it and I know he will probably have a bad day at school. I don't dare tell Misty about this, or she will rag on me.

I love my blog, I am able to let it all hang out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Feeling fine!

Boy I had a weird episode this am. It was like I was outside myself. I mean I knew what I was doing but it felt like my brain was watching me rather than being me. Has anyone else had this experience, I have 3 or 4 times now. But I had an MRI on my brain 2 months ago so I know it is not anything phsyically wrong.

The boys are playing quietly in their beedroom, right next to mine. I should be using this time to scrap, but maybe in a little while if they stay playing together well. There is plenty to do, laundry, mopping the kitchen, but don't feel like it right now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thought wrong!

I was hoping for a quiet day, staying home, watching the race and the boys here since they were at their dad's yesterday. But if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Misty got a gift card for the mall for her birthday, and I know she really needed pants for work, so I should have realized she want to go shopping. so she drug me around the mall for 2 hours. I took my cane but my legs and hips are hurting real bad. So I am down for the day except I will have to pick up the boys sometime this afternoon.

One day I will get strong enough to tell Misty I need to have time to recoup.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A fast follow up!

Misty just called and I almost did not answer but I knew she would not stop trying, so I do. She says "Scott (her boss) told her just to ignore the lady cause she is crazy anyway" and then she starts laughing . I told her I would never touch her phone again and that I was still upset and said call me if you need a ride to the bank this afternoon and said by and hung up!

I am debating if I should go to Urgent Care cause I am having chest pains which means that my BP is wacked out cause of all this stress and my aortic valve can't take it.

Can you say F$%#ing on a blog?

I am so F$#&ing pissed off right now. Here's is the scenerio, I get a call from the school lunch supervisor (a sub one today) saying according to records she can not serve William hot lunch today because of the cheese in the stuffed breadsticks. I try to explain that dairy products other than milk are not forbidden. Well she goes on and on and finally Misty takes the phone and she gets the same runaround that I did but a # to call the supervisor for the district. (all this is her fault cause she never picked up the paper work from the dr. at the beginning of school and I do NOT have a medical release for the boys! So she goes off on a tangent but I don't remind her that she is the reason for it.

After ten minutes she calls the Supervisor and after explaining that William is now eating dairy, she pull up his records and while she is doing this she puts Misty on hold. Misty hands me her phone so she can brushed her teeth.

When I get the phone I apparently hit a button and some Irate person starts yelling at me that I am a rotten manager and she is going to the Labor Board, etc, I am trying to tell her that this is not my phone but my daughters she is not listening and Misty tells me to hang up . So Misty listens to the voice mail this woman left and immediately gets mad at me cause now she has to dig herself out of a deep hole because I hit the wrong button on her phone and the woman was not listening to me. So after yelling at me I left the room and handle the William lunch situation.

So now it is time for her to leave for work. She has not dressed Parker, has not done a dish, has not done anything about her clothes in the dryer except to take out only what she needs to wear, has not even picked up the boys clothes from the living room floor from last night (all normal for her). I apologized to her and she starts ranting at me again, so I left the room saying I can't deal with any more. I have to run the house, do all the work, be responsible for the boys still pay rent . I can't even get kits from LRS any more cause she does not give me a dime at all. I am getting a kit from a no obligation club for this month, don't tell Sara cause she will probably kick me off the board. I swear at times she is the most inconsiderate bitch I have ever met. And while she tells me not to let people walk all over me, she can't see that she is the one who does it the most!!!

I wish I could send her this but then she will just make it harder for me or tell me to move and she will let Willie move back in and to grow his pot here.

Sorry about this, I just have to let it out, and she does nor know I have a new blog after making the other one down.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scrappy days!

Kristii, got me going again. That funny story on her blog I knew I had to do a lay out of! I have been trying to finish a layout every day or so I posted some on LRS. I did another today I really like, I'll post it in the morning.
We are still all sick but not flat out sick; guess we are the 'walking wounded'. I think it has to do with the weather since we all have sinus problems. I'm just finding it hard getting around too.

William and I have had a contract since the last time he got in trouble in school. on Tuesdays and Fridays he gets something special for being in school. It is simple stuff, not major. Like a batch of brownies and tomorrow it is we make his favorite cookies. Since the next 2 weeks are only 4 days each I am going to try him with once a week. That is where I will leave it. Everyone deserves 1 treat a week for being good in school, especially special kids!