Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday and William

Well Ifinally found out why William was suspended. He did not do his assignment in class and when everyone else got their coins William picked up his paper cup and threw it. Then he slinked to the floor where he tossed one shoe off his foot and threw the other one. (not at anyone just tossed it away and said I don't need this.)

I took him to school today and he said sorry to his teacher who told me what happened. I told her My speil about showing him how to get out of school when he does not want to go. I also told her Misty's concerns about him being emotionally ready for a classroom of that type. The head of SE is going to cal Misty today and maybe Misty can arrange an IEP of where to go to meet Williams needs.

I know I am getting too sck, physicallyand emotionally, to deal with this much longer. Yesterday Misty said something that cut me to the quick. One of Williams favorite commercials came on before she went to work and so I called William in so he could see it. And Misty said something like "now I know where he gets all his stupid shit from". This after 2 days ago when she told someone at work that I helped her out a bit, when they were discussing single parenting. You know if I am not appreciated, I can leave except that would not help the boys.

So I am in a downer. Not only that but I don't have any money to pay my bills cause for the last 3 weeks, I have been spending all my money and credit to buy food for this house, but I have not been anywhere for weeks and I am always affected by no sun, in the winter.

So I am leaving this kinda opened asking for prayer, and supportive thoghts that everything will work out for the best!


Lisa Spiegel said...

You always have my supportive thoughts and prayers...Misty's behavior makes me angry...that's all I can say about that right now and be polite.

Carla said...

Jeanne, my prayers and support are with you, always know that. I agree with Lisa, I am saddened and angry that Misty can say those things about her own mother that has given of herself to help her and her boys.