Sunday, January 18, 2009

WhereHaveI been?

It has been a rough week, I went to the doctor Monday, I think, and have been down most of the week. Not only kidney problems,Uti and Sinus infections but All My bones hurt and no one know why. It is hard to get around. I was told to use my walker again. No matter how much pain meds I take I only get lessening of pain, not gone. But I don't want use it. It would be like giving up.

Misty has not done much to help. She has not changed, true it does not bother her that I don't keep the house up, but she won't do it. But she has been doing the cooking but do a dish? HaHaHa.

Pastor Mike and I talked about Heaven and I told Him I will be so happy, I will be perfect, no Lupus and I will have a truely have a perfect time worshiping God. He laughed and said won't that be hard work (Oh Yea, real hard). He helps keeps me up and I love looking forward to our conversations even if they are on line!

Time for more meds, so I will close for now.