Saturday, January 31, 2009

Almost February

January has been a long month. William has been so sick on and off and so have I. I made a commitment to have one thing on my work space at all times. What does that mean? Well, I finished a layout yesterday and immediately pulled some pictures to work with. That way it is always there to remind me to play. I think I have 5 lo's done this past week.


Kristii said...

I hope things brighten up in February Jeanne!! I am always thinking of you!!

Carla said...

Me too Jeanne!! I would love to see what you've been creating lately.
I'll keep my prayers hands up so you all can get over and done with all your illnesses and have some happy days ahead!

Lorry said...

Jeanne, glad to see you update your blog! Hopefully February will be a better month. Loving your creations and like the idea of always having something on your work space, sounds just like me!