Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday morning.

Ihad a great time visiting with Katie-bug yesterday. We need to get together. She brought me 2 totes full of scrappy stuff. Paper and stickers and other embellies. She said to use what I want and give the rest to the boys. And I get to keep the totes! What a special friend.
I will spend the rest of today and tomorrow running around do errands. I really want a day off. My day of bliss would be away from the house, kids, and Misty. to do nothing if I want, scrap, read of just rest.
I'm sorry for the same old song and dance, I am so tired.
Well put on a happy face and Fu#k it! I'll get enough rest when I'm dead.

My boys are being so good this morning, I have my laptop out in the livingroom, just hanging out; I am so glad they get along so well right now. I mean they get into spats but now they are like normal siblings. At least it is smooth sailing this morning, laundry going, dishes at a minimum, so I leave with a wish that everyone have a happy Weekend!

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Lorry said...

LOL Jeanne your too funny, but your right we will all rest when we are dead. But until then my motto is "Life is too Short, Live it the best you can!"