Friday, February 6, 2009

Can you say F$%#ing on a blog?

I am so F$#&ing pissed off right now. Here's is the scenerio, I get a call from the school lunch supervisor (a sub one today) saying according to records she can not serve William hot lunch today because of the cheese in the stuffed breadsticks. I try to explain that dairy products other than milk are not forbidden. Well she goes on and on and finally Misty takes the phone and she gets the same runaround that I did but a # to call the supervisor for the district. (all this is her fault cause she never picked up the paper work from the dr. at the beginning of school and I do NOT have a medical release for the boys! So she goes off on a tangent but I don't remind her that she is the reason for it.

After ten minutes she calls the Supervisor and after explaining that William is now eating dairy, she pull up his records and while she is doing this she puts Misty on hold. Misty hands me her phone so she can brushed her teeth.

When I get the phone I apparently hit a button and some Irate person starts yelling at me that I am a rotten manager and she is going to the Labor Board, etc, I am trying to tell her that this is not my phone but my daughters she is not listening and Misty tells me to hang up . So Misty listens to the voice mail this woman left and immediately gets mad at me cause now she has to dig herself out of a deep hole because I hit the wrong button on her phone and the woman was not listening to me. So after yelling at me I left the room and handle the William lunch situation.

So now it is time for her to leave for work. She has not dressed Parker, has not done a dish, has not done anything about her clothes in the dryer except to take out only what she needs to wear, has not even picked up the boys clothes from the living room floor from last night (all normal for her). I apologized to her and she starts ranting at me again, so I left the room saying I can't deal with any more. I have to run the house, do all the work, be responsible for the boys still pay rent . I can't even get kits from LRS any more cause she does not give me a dime at all. I am getting a kit from a no obligation club for this month, don't tell Sara cause she will probably kick me off the board. I swear at times she is the most inconsiderate bitch I have ever met. And while she tells me not to let people walk all over me, she can't see that she is the one who does it the most!!!

I wish I could send her this but then she will just make it harder for me or tell me to move and she will let Willie move back in and to grow his pot here.

Sorry about this, I just have to let it out, and she does nor know I have a new blog after making the other one down.


Lisa Spiegel said...

Hey, Jeanne...I'm sorry I'm late to comment on this situation...and I know you know how I feel about it...but I think you should get the damn kits that you want and tell Misty that you can only contribute x number of dollars to the household instead of the other way around. She gets what she wants, right? Let her go without for a change. For all the stress you deal with you deserve on little thing that makes you happy and relaxes you.
Okay. Off my soapbox.

bAbYbEcKy said...

I'm so sorry Jeanne :( That REALLY sucks.

I'm sorry you couldn't get this months kit either :(

I hope that things are better now though for you