Sunday, February 22, 2009

How do I mess it up?

I am in the wrong, as usual, around here. W was supposed to fix his brakes before taking the boys cause they were gone. It is raining, so I told Misty that he should do it in the garage here and put the van on the street. I meant it in the nicest way.
Fast forward 1/2 hour and he calls Misty about the 100 dollar bill in the van. It is counterfeit, and I had it hidden until I could turn it over to the police. My point, It was hidden and why was he digging around in my stuff. Now everyone is mad at me, cause I made a fuss. Well next he walks in thru my room with all his dirty clothes and I said, 'you are doing laundry?' and said I had to get our stuff out of the washer, I had not started it yet. Well I guess I did not say it is a nice enough tone for him and he says never mind, I'll do it at a laundromat'.

So I am in the doghouse around here. You know I feel like I can not have anything personal around here, He especially, feels entitled. What is the saying ' what mine is mine and what's yours is mine too. Why do you think I hide this blog from Misty? I can't have a personal thought around here. I am just upset and forgive me for using this to vent. I want you to know I have no other outlet for my emotions. And I love you guys who comment.


Carla said...

Jeanne, I think something has got to be said to Misty and W about the way they walk all over you. I hope I am not overstepping my bounds and I realize Misty has health issues too, but for God's sake you are her mother and you spend every minute of YOUR time, taking care of her children! And dealing with her and W's mouth. That is not right. And you go ahead and use your blog to vent, girl, you definitely need a break. If I had any chance to send you a plane ticket to come and stay with me for a week I would do it. What the heck is she going to do if something happens to you?!!! Does she even think about that? What will happen to those precious boys? Its obvious that she doesn't care for them in the same way that you do. I hope I don't make you mad at me for this, but enough is enough. Maybe I am butting in where I shouldn't since I don't know everything from the beginning, but I don't like the way she treats her own mother at all.

Lorry said...

Ahhh Jeanne, I'm sorry those two are getting all over you again. your comment about "W - Whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine too" struck a note with me, my 2nd husband was like that hmmmmm one of the many reasons he is my ex. But I totally agree with you he had NO reason to be pawing through your stuff. And you go right ahead and vent! Miserable kid that Misty is (sorry! I know we all love our kids, but we all know they are not angels and I believe Misty has taken advantage of you for too long) Unfortunately our kids do not always think ahead and go thru the "What if scenerios". You are in my thoughts and prayers Just remember you are Loved!