Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scrappy days!

Kristii, got me going again. That funny story on her blog I knew I had to do a lay out of! I have been trying to finish a layout every day or so I posted some on LRS. I did another today I really like, I'll post it in the morning.
We are still all sick but not flat out sick; guess we are the 'walking wounded'. I think it has to do with the weather since we all have sinus problems. I'm just finding it hard getting around too.

William and I have had a contract since the last time he got in trouble in school. on Tuesdays and Fridays he gets something special for being in school. It is simple stuff, not major. Like a batch of brownies and tomorrow it is we make his favorite cookies. Since the next 2 weeks are only 4 days each I am going to try him with once a week. That is where I will leave it. Everyone deserves 1 treat a week for being good in school, especially special kids!

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