Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I blew it!

I blew it big time with William, and know He is not going to have a good day. Let me back up, yesterday when we went to get Misty, he fell asleep in the car. Misty tried to wake him up but could not rouse him. So apparently he awoke at 10 PM and was up till 3:30. Needless to say he was not a happy camper this morning and complained of a sore throat which I couldnot find and no temp. We do things by timer around here. It helps him to transion from one thing to another. Well I put him in the car and came back to get sleeping Parker when all of a sudden he comes up to me with both fists and got me in the hips.

This is when I blew it! I told him I would not be his punching bag, so he told me to leave. and I said fine, I'd go! Of course he turned his tune around and said don't leave. And I refused to answer him. When I got him out of the van at school, he said he loved me and I said no you don't, cause if you loved me you wouldn't hit me! But I did tell him I loved him and I'll see you later.

What a bad surrogate mother I am. I feel so bad about it and I know he will probably have a bad day at school. I don't dare tell Misty about this, or she will rag on me.

I love my blog, I am able to let it all hang out.


Lisa Spiegel said...

I would have done the same are NOT a bad grandma...not at all.

Carla said...

No Jeanne you are not a bad grandma by all means! Sometimes you have to do this, been there done that with my boys too. Maybe that is what he needs now and then to get him to stop hitting on you. You do sooooo much for those boys, and sometimes you just need put on the "tough love" face!

katrina said...

You are not a bad grandmother, Jeanne. I agree with Carla, this might be the way he learns that hitting isn't okay.

Lorry said...

I TOTALLY agree with Lisa, I would have said the same thing had it happened to me. You are a blessing for those boys Jeanne. God knows it You know it and believe it or not Willam and Parker know it too!
keep the Faith!